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Yell Peddles Free New App to London Cyclists

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London cyclists will now be able to stay one step ahead of the crowds thanks to Yell for Bikes – a new, free app available from the Apple App Store and Android Market allowing users to instantly find their nearest London Barclays hire bike or the closest, most convenient space to leave it.
With members of the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme now numbering over 90,000 and plans to open the scheme to casual users by the end of the year, the Yell for Bikes app will ensure users avoid frustrating trips to empty docking stations, particularly during peak times like rush hour.
Powered by Yell Labs, the app, which requires an iPhone or an Android phone, can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Android Market providing data in real time so that users can see exactly how many bikes and spaces are left in a bike docking station of their choice.
The technology uses just one click to allow consumers to find their nearest bike and nearest space and then tag their favourite docking stations so that they have a personal view of bike and space availability. There is also a timer to make it clear if they are going to exceed their free initial 30 minutes or move to the next charging band.
Yell has tracked data from the bike scheme to create a fascinating live demonstration of how the bikes move around London. It confirms there are still issues with availability and reveals the capital’s hot and cold spots for bikes. They have contrasted a regular day with a recent tube strike which reveals more people using bikes earlier in the day to get into central London.
The highest demand for bikes in the morning and spaces in the evening include Notting Hill, Maida Vale, Paddington, Marylebone, Waterloo and Elephant & Castle. While the highest demand for spaces in the morning and bikes in the evening include Central London, the West-end and the City.
Matthew Bottomley, Director of New Media at Yell, said: “Our trending data has revealed that demand for the bikes exceeds supply at key times of the day. In the morning hot spots include mainline train stations for bikes and central London for spaces - and this is reversed in the afternoon.”
Bottomley continues, “With the popularity of the scheme due to increase, our app will ensure that London cyclists can get the most out of the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme.

Fly Around Your City With Yell's 3D Maps

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Amazing three dimensional maps that enable users to fly around their city like a superhero, have been launched by Yell.com.
In a UK-first, the photo-realistic 3D maps were created from actual film footage shot from light aeroplanes using sophisticated aerospace technology, which is then merged with other film taken from ground level.
They can be used for free on the Yell.com website, which is the online version of the Yellow Pages directory.
Said Matthew Bottomley, who heads up innovations at Yell.com: "If Superman needed a plumber in Paddington in a hurry, he could now plan his flight on Yell.com.
"It's a fascinating opportunity to view your city from a different angle - as well as a brilliant new way to see exactly where you're going, before you leave home or the office.
"We all know that ordinary maps tell only part of the story.  You can be right around the corner from the shop or restaurant you're trying to find, and not realise it's just over the nearest rooftop.  Now you can actually look down and around from every angle from that very rooftop.
"It's all part of Yell's mission to perfectly match up local businesses with their local customers, so everyone gets just what they need."  
So far, Yell has created 3D maps of Birmingham, Leeds, London and Manchester.  More regions will get the 3D treatment as the concept rolls out around the country.
Have a fly at http://www.yell.com/map/london-3d.html 

UKs shops and small firms go Hollywood in online advertising revolution

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A revolution in the way shops and small firms advertise themselves means every business in the UK can now be the star of its own movie - with a potential audience of millions.
ShopView Videos(http://video.yell.com), launched this week by Yell, are short films viewed online that let potential customers see first-hand what local businesses and their bosses and staff are really like.
The videos can be uploaded for free to the Yell.com website, the online version of the Yellow Pages directory.
Said Matthew Bottomley, who heads up innovations at Yell.com: "Every High Street can now become a local film festival of dramas, documentaries, rom-coms, musicals, thrillers, chillers and soap operas.
"Like the early days of Hollywood, ShopView will give the unsung stars of the nation's shops and businesses the chance to become stars of the screen.
"If it's clever or funny enough, it would be easy for one of these films to go viral and even get a global audience.
"It's all part of Yell's mission to perfectly match up Britain's businesses with their local customers, so everyone gets just what they need."
The revolutionary ShopView videos mean potential customers can now go right through the front door of thousands of shops and businesses - ‘virtually'.
Once inside, they can take a look around and even meet the people who work there.
ShopView videos are the most exciting new way for local businesses to show off their wares and their people to their potential customers.
Businesses can either ask Yell to make a video for them or make their own short videos and upload them for free on http://video.yell.com.
The videos can be as home-made or as polished as each company wants. You could even shoot one on your phone.
Anyone can click through from the business's listing information on the Yell.com website to see the films.
The initial 5,000 videos already made are mainly of businesses in central London with more videos from across the UK coming shortly.
Yell's top 10 ShopView video titles for small businesses
  1. Avatart (bakers)
  2. Silence of the Lambs (butchers)
  3. Brief Encounter (lawyers)
  4. The Codfather (fish and chips)
  5. The Thief, The Cook, His Wife and Her Plumber (plumbers)
  6. Four Weddings and a Funeral Parlour (funeral parlour)
  7. Dirty Harry's (dry cleaners)
  8. It's A Wonderful Knife (cookware shop)
  9. The Tummy Returns (gym)
  10. Big Trouble in Little Chinese (takeaway)

From the Yellow Pages to Augmented Reality

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Finding local businesses is now easier than ever and a lot more fun, as Yell adds Augmented Reality to its supremely popular (and free) iPhone App.
Yell.com is building on the success of its number one business App with the development of an Augmented Reality version, available free on the App Store. The free Augmented Reality iPhone Beta App has been designed by Yell Labs, a group of technicians and strategists dedicated to making Yell the best way for local companies to advertise themselves and the best way for local people to find them. The App allows users to ‘see’ local shops, offices, restaurants and other useful services through the iPhone’s camera viewer - even if they’re round the corner or in the next street.
Yell’s integrated online, on-phone and in-print services are the natural way to find a local business or service, just like it used to be when there was only the Yellow Pages.
How it works
As you move the iPhone around, yellow boxes are displayed over the live feed of the world directly in front of you.  If you touch one of these boxes, information is displayed about that specific business such as address, phone number, opening hours and website. It’s a combination of the iPhone’s GPS and compass, which combine to pinpoint exactly where you are, and the way you’re facing. Yell then seamlessly overlays the relevant information, taken from its database of two million businesses.
The App, which requires an iPhone 3GS, features:
  • Radar: shown at the top of the screen, indicates which businesses are around you, 360°
  • Categories Bar: swish your finger to the right and a display with popular searches appears allowing you to get to the information you want quickly
  • Range: swish your finger to the left and you can set the distance that you want to see, therefore allowing you to reduce the amount of information on the screen
For more information visit: http://www.yell.com/mobilephones
To download the App visit: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/yell-labs/id344495717?mt=8

Yell.com Makes Its Own Local Business Mapping Service

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Yell, the search directory business, is introducing a bespoke local business mapping solution on its Yell.com service.
Yell.com Maps has been developed in partnership with Paris-based specialist provider Tridoo, which already provides mapping for Yell’s mobile phone services.
The overhaul is the first in a series of major enhancements designed to make Yell.com the online destination of choice for consumers searching for local businesses.
Matthew Bottomley, Director of New Media Product Marketing at Yell, said: “It needs to be as natural for people to find a local business through Yell Maps as it is with the Yellow Pages directory.”
Yell.com Maps, which is in beta, is part of Yell’s ongoing development of new technologies to ensure it is the best provider of quality business leads for local businesses. Key features and benefits over the previous mapping service include:
  • Ability to search within the map for local businesses and services
  • Faster response and better geo-coding for increased accuracy
  • Consistent experience across web and mobile
  • Quarterly updates to keep information as accurate as possible
  • Brand new design with bespoke colour-scheme and bigger, clearer maps
Djamila Fernana-Ritchie leads Yell’s mapping team. She said: “This is the first of a number of planned releases designed to make Yell Maps the premier mapping solution for local business search in the UK. 

“Yell’s comprehensive and trusted data displayed on a crystal clear and intuitive new mapping platform is a huge step forward for us and our advertisers.”
The partnership with Paris-based Tridoo has been a cultural and technical shift for Yell. Djamila said: “It is a relatively small specialist company which has spent the last 10 years at the forefront of mapping and geo-spatial development.
“Yell.com Maps is the culmination of all that knowledge, in one platform.”